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A clinic that supports you?

We Support You !

Service to validate your procedures, help with implementation, recommend actions to be taken, etc.

For large or small businesses.

  • Questionnaire COVID-19
  • Questionnaire for people sick with COVID-19
  • Intervention of a doctor via videoconference
  • Support in the decision-making process
  • Management dashboard

COVID-19 Analysis - Vulnerable person

The analysis of the worker chronic disease is made by Dr Phaneuf. Takes into account all the risk factors from INRS, chronic disease specialists, recommendations from associations and studies around the world.

Assessment takes place within 24 hours.


  • Identification of worker's illnesses
  • Analysis of the level of severity of the disease
  • Recommendations


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The management of a symptomatic worker includes several aspects: identification of symptoms, conducting an epidemiological investigation, determining if there is a quarantine, confirmation of return to work.


  • Detailed analysis of symptoms
  • Epidemiological investigation
  • Confirmation of return to work


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COVID-19 Back-to-work – Authorization questionnaire

This confirms that the person is symptom-free, but also allows people with residual coughs to be cleared or establishes when the worker will be able to start, if the worker needs to finish a quarantine.


  • Analysis of current symptoms
  • History of COVID-19 disease
  • Recommendation for reintegration into work


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Management Process for COVID-19 symptomatic cases

COVID-19 Case - Affected Worker 

Protection of Workers - COVID-19 Questionnaire

Using infrared thermometer

Réception de la poste

Merchandise manipulation

Protection Mask


The use of this mask must be for the purpose of reducing the dispersion of particles, it cannot be used by cooks or to carry out medical care or for food. (This mask is not approved)

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COVID-19 - Videos

How to remove gloves